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Solotutti AG is a music centre working on its own and independently. Its concern is now to present the accumulated experience in working with children to the general public with a festival. This festival, quite new and unique in Switzerland, allows children to experiment artistically, and their parents and experts to share experiences referring to musical education and developmental psychology on a Symposium. Within the framework of the Children Music Festival, we aim at cooperation with schools from neighbouring municipalities. Existing children and young people musical line-ups from Solothurn and environs will also help to shape the Children Music Festival.

The first Solothurn Children Music Festival will be held between August 19th and 21st 2011. On the first festival day, the programme envisions mainly performances from the choirs, from schools and the orchestra. On the second day, children shall have the opportunity to gather new experiences within various workshops, be it e.g. by improvising or by composing and working out compositions, which will then be performed in front of the festival audience in the evening. The audience will thus be shown what musical qualities children are able to produce in a very short time. On the third day, what has been previously experienced during the Children Music Festival shall be taken up in an open round, with thesis-like abstracts from the invited guest speakers, followed by an assessment of the current situation and a moderated panel discussion.